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Looking for the best pathology lab for mammography and serology tests? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to cover all the basic information about mammography and serology tests. At Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, we provide one of the best tests with completely modern equipment machines. Also, our experienced medical staff will assist you during the test and answer all your questions related to the test.

At Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, it is important to know what types of tests we are providing at our clinic. We are providing the best path lab tests in the areas of genetics, pathology, microbiology, haematology, etc. Also, we are providing Mammography Tests And Serology Tests In Dwarka, Delhi. Let’s not waste time talking about some useful points in the below section of this blog.

Why Choose Ayushman Diagnostic Centre?

Why choose us? This is the biggest question people ask themselves to learn more about our path lab. We are one of the leading providers of medical tests and healthcare facilities. At Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, we make it easy for you. It is most convenient for all of our patients to check our lab results under the guidance of experienced, professional, and problem-solving medical staff. Also, our team of experts will provide all the medical reports online with just a single click.

We have a highly impressive and dedicated team of professional consultants with skilled full-lab technologists who ensure standards, lab accuracy, and calibrated results. We have impeccable services for Mammography Tests And Serology Tests In Dwarka, Delhi, which offer:

  • Excellent patient care
  • Trained Laboratory Staff
  • The best ambient environment

These statements indicate that Ayushman Diagnostic Centre is one of the most reputed and Best Diagnostic Centres In Dwarka, Delhi. Talking about the price of the test, we have one of the best medical tests at an affordable price for all our patients.

Advantages of our Path Lab Services

Home Collection Sample: There is no need to come to our diagnostic centre; we are providing a home sample collection facility at your doorstep. We are just one phone call away, and our team will assist you accordingly.

The world-class technologies: We are using the world’s best technologies in our Ayushman Diagnostic Centre for fast and accurate reports. Stop waiting for the reports; get instant medical reports in a few hours.

Get online reports: After the test, you will easily get your medical report through email and WhatsApp. Our path lab team will send all your reports online without delay.

Hard Copy Reports: Now, get all your reports online and hard copy reports from our diagnostic centre after the test in a few hours.


Ayushman Diagnostic Centre is one of the best in Delhi. We have the most prominent team of medical staff, who is always available for you to provide any type of clarification related to the path lab services. The above information is quite helpful for you if you are looking for authentic path lab facilities in Delhi. For more information on our Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, please check our official website.

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