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Looking for a diagnostic centre for all tests in one place will be a troublemaker for a person who is new to the city. In this blog, we are going to cover all the path lab tests and their benefits, especially for cytogenetics and DNA tests. In the past, reproductive health research has expanded the importance of these tests. These tests are useful for microarray analysis because they have provided us with insights into genetic risk factors and disorders, which are necessary to understand human body health.

At Ayushman Diagnostic and Imaging Centre, we are providing one of the best services of Cytogenetics Testing And DNA Testing In Dwarka, Delhi, and other tests. Our advanced laboratory with all modern equipment’s machines is completely reliable for all tests. Let’s take a brief look at our diagnostic centre at the points below.

The Advantages Of Cytogenetics And DNA Testing

How important is the cytogenetics test? Several people are not aware of the advantages of this test to enhance public awareness about cytogenetics, and the relationship between genetics and personal health has increased due to this cytogenetic and DNA test. The main advantage of this test is to clear your mind about any kind of risk-taking factor related to human body health, especially genetic disorders such as cancer, parental diagnosis, chromosome health diseases, etc.

After operating this test, you will better understand any genetic diseases and disorders in the test reports and live your life stress-free with the Ayushman Diagnostic and Imaging Centre for Cytogenetics Test and DNA Test In Dwarka, Delhi. This test will also easily detect any heart disease and other organ diseases in our body, such as deafness, blindness, and genetics. In our path lab, all medical staff are well-trained and professional experts who will provide the best counselling services to all our patients.

Why choose us for cytogenetics and DNA tests?

We are an established brand associated with quality services delivered by the professional and well-trained staff of our pathology lab for several years. Our primary goal is to focus on patient’s health and provide them with quality healthcare services at an affordable price only at Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, especially Cytogenetics And DNA Tests In Dwarka, Delhi. The best part of our path lab is that we provide patients with convenient locations for our path lab services and productive health results under one roof. Check out our pathology lab services main points, such as:

  • Get accurate reports in a few hours.
  • Prescribed by top physicians
  • Cost-effective diagnostic centre
  • A well-maintained, hygienic path lab
  • Collect home samples anywhere in the city.


For all path lab tests, we are always here to provide the best services related to tests, whether it is cytogenetics, DNA, or others. At Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, we are available 24/7 for our beloved patients, and our main mission is to cure patient health with our modern equipment testing machines at an affordable price. Also, we have the most professional and well-trained staff who take care of all patients. For further updates related to our Pathology Lab Services, please contact our diagnostic centre.

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