What Is The Use Of Immunology Tests And What Are The Best Laboratories In Dwarka?

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What is an immunology test? As usual, the first question in our minds is: What is the use of this test? The second question clicks in our minds. It is a test that easily measures the level of antibodies in human blood cells. This test specifically checks the immune system, which creates antibodies to prevent any type of bacteria, virus, or fungal allergy. Every day, our body produces different types of antibodies to fight outside germs and fungal viruses.

If you are looking for experts in immunology Blood Testing Laboratories In Dwarka, Delhi, or any other place, then this blog will definitely help you out, and you will easily learn what the uses of this immunology blood test are and which is the best immunology lab in Delhi/NCR. Let’s take a deep dive into the points below.

What Are The Uses Of Immunological Tests?

Fungal Allergy Test: To easily locate any type of virus, this immunological test can detect antibodies against these fungal virus allergy substances from all types of foods, especially outside food.

Quick Test For Drugs And Medicines: This immunological test can be used to detect any type of drug, such as cocaine powder, cannabis, ecstasy, etc. In medical language, we can say that it easily affects the central nervous system to detect any drug in the human body. In our Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, we have one of the Best Immunology Blood Testing Laboratories In Dwarka, Delhi, for quick tests of drugs and medicines.

Locating Germs And Infection: This immunology blood test can easily detect all the germs that are spawning infections in the human body. Not certain bacteria, but different types of bacteria. This test can locate germs and infections, whether in the case of Lyme disease or any other Borrelia bacteria. Immunology tests can easily be used to find harmful viruses in our bodies. Include Hepatitis C, HIV, or HPV viruses; also, pregnant women can be eligible for this test to locate any viruses that are quite harmful to mothers and children.

Is Ayushman Diagnostic The Best Immunology Blood Test Lab?

Our Immunology blood test laboratory is the key to providing the best services to all patients. At Ayushman Diagnostic Centre, our tests department is highly qualified and works on a wide array of tests. We also make sure the patient will not panic or feel anxious at the time of the immunology test. Our expert team specialises in all tests, and each test is operated by completely automated systems.

This is the key reason why Ayushman Diagnostic Immunology Blood Tests In Dwarka, Delhi, is one of the best centres for all tests such as radio-immunoassays, HIV serological testing, allergen sensitivity, and more. Our entire team works 24/7 to provide equalisation and quantitative analysis of all biological fluids with the perfect speed and accuracy because here you will get the best services at an affordable price.


We deliver all tests for infectious diseases and other symptoms. We are pathology laboratory experts, especially in Immunology Blood Tests In Dwarka, Delhi. Also, Ayushman Diagnostic Centre is one of the few labs in the city providing the best terms to detect any kind of allergy virus in a few hours. This immunological test is mostly used to settle the blood groups in the human body before a blood transfusion.

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